Welcome to Cathy’s Kitchen Journey!


My name is Cathy, and I've been married to Gary since 2007. I started this blog to keep a record of what our favorite recipes are, and to keep our nutrition in check. Think of it as my online cookbook that I've shared with all of you.

Currently, Gary is on a no dairy diet. Yes, you heard it right! No cheese, milk, dairy of any sort, which includes anything with milk proteins (whey, casein). He also doesn't eat red meat, and I don't eat pork. With our dietary restrictions it complicates things when I want to make a big fat cheesy lasagna for dinner. Dinner recipes are usually dairy free, but there will be no shortage of dairy filled desserts on this blog!

With that said, feel free to browse my recipes or bookmark for future reference. If you use materials from my blog, please reference back to this site.

Thank you for visiting!