Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Avocado Ice Cream

I don’t know if you’re weirded out by my choices of ice cream flavors yet, but there are more odd ones to come!

I was lucky enough to get a copy of The Vegan Scoop once it was available at my library. There were plenty of good flavors to try out, but one that I’ve noticed before was the avocado flavor. When I saw it in the William-Sonoma book, I was interested. Then I saw it on Good Eats, when Alton Brown made all sorts of stuff with avocados (including buttercream frosting).

I was talking to my bro and sis about  my latest ice cream post, and  how I can make make weird flavors like that, and others that include basil, wasabi, and avocado. They told they can get wasabi and black sesame ice cream easily. Sure, you’re in NY, in the middle of Chinatown, within walking distance of the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory…of course you would be able get all that. Not everybody can though. Especially if I want to make it dairy free! And to be honest, I wouldn’t want to pay a couple of dollars for a scoop, when I can get a whole pint for that price.

So, here’s my latest venture in ice cream. I’ll soon get to the “normal” flavors, but for now, I’m having fun with the fun summer fruits. I’m not sure how I feel about this ice cream yet. It tastes like…well…it tastes like avocado! I usually don’t eat it plain. It’s always either in guacamole, sushi, or a salad. So eating it plain on a spoon is still new to me. Gary’s dad would love it though. He eats avocados plain as is.

I didn’t have soy creamer as the recipe states, so I pureed some silken tofu for this. Hey, soy milk and tofu come from the same source, so of course it would work!

avocado ice cream

Avocado Ice Cream
adapted from: The Vegan Scoop
printable recipe

1 package Mori-nu silken soft tofu, blended
3 ripe hass avocados
1/2 cup sugar
1 TBSP fresh lime juice
1 1/2 cup soy milk

In a blender, blend the tofu until smooth. Add in avocado meat, sugar, and lime juice. Blend until smooth and combined. Mixture will be thick.

Transfer avocado mixture to a large bowl. Add a bit of soy milk into the blender and mix again to get the remaining puree out if needed. Add soy milk to the bowl. Whisk the mixture until fully combined.

Transfer the mixture to your ice cream maker and freeze per your ice cream maker’s instructions.


  1. The color of that is SO COOL! It sounds very interesting!

  2. Wow avocado ice cream! Really interesting!

  3. Wow, look at you! First it was black sesame... now avocado? Again, I want my taste test ;)

  4. So glad to find your blog and also your creative and delicious recipes. One of my french friends suffered severe lactose intolerance and so were her 2 kids. I'm forwarding your link to her. Thank you for sharing!


  5. Lol - I admit I've been intrigued by the avocado ice cream and butter cream recipes. But if it's just kinda...odd, maybe I'll wait out the trend? :)

    (FWIW, the basil still sounds fantastic).

  6. sorry you feel this way, but you shouldn't say eww to anything until you try it once. not just for this recipe, for all food in general.

  7. Pls give tips for how to make it without Ice cream maker..


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