Friday, September 25, 2009

Restaurant Review: Pho Hoa (Quincy, MA)

Another restaurant we visited while in Quincy was Pho Hoa. It’s a popular Vietnamese restaurant my friends also love going to. We visited the restaurant for lunch. It wasn’t too busy, and we were able to push a few tables together for our party of 14.

The menu had basically the classics; pho, rice vermicelli, grilled meat with rice.

I ordered the one of the many options of noodle soup bowls (aka pho) $6.95. If you don’t indicate what size you want, you automatically get the medium sized bowl (sizes are child, M, L, XL). Sounds like I’m talking about clothes, huh?

beef pho

Gary ordered his usual grilled chicken over rice $6.95. He said the rice was short grain, which he wasn’t used to.

grilled chicken rice

I also ordered the Vietnamese iced coffee. If you ever want super strong coffee, you should get this. It’s a French pressed coffee sweetened with some sweetened condensed milk. I thought it was pretty strong for my tastes so I ended up removing some ice and adding some cold water to my cup to dilute it. One of my other friends asked for more sweetened condensed milk, so I guess you can do it either way if it’s too strong for you.

I also noticed the that it was Zagat rated for several years. I found out from their site that it is actually a small chain restaurant that has locations in many other areas.

If you’re ever in the Quincy area, check out this site more restaurants to try.

Info and verdict:

Pho Hoa Restaurant
409 Hancock Street
Quincy MA 02171

Price: $
Atmosphere: ☺☺☺
Overall Experience: ☺☺☺☺

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