Friday, October 30, 2009

Lychee Blueberry Eyeballs

Need a fun sweet drink garnish? These eyeballs would be perfect! Although they look really gross, they’re rather tasty.

During my company Halloween party, I was in charge of making the punch. I chose a red velvet punch and decided to add these eyeballs as drink garnishes. They taste great even without a drink!

lychee blueberry eyeballs

Some of my coworkers were hesitant to try them because they looked so gross! One of my coworkers added this to a shot of vodka. What a great idea!

lychee eyeball shot

I wasn’t able to get fresh blueberries, so I used frozen. I defrosted them enough so that it wasn’t mushy, but soft enough to pierce a toothpick through. At the end the blueberries got too mushy, so if you can get fresh, that would be better. The mushy blueberries ended up staining my fingers and under my nails.

Lychee Blueberry Eyeballs
adapted: from Squidoo
printable recipe

1 can lychees, drained and patted dry (a 20 oz can yields about 18 lychees)
red fruit preserves (strawberry, raspberry or cherry) I used strawberry

Fill lychees with preserves, enough to fill half way. Add a blueberry.

Pierce with a toothpick to hold everything together.

Use to garnish your favorite sweet punch drink.


  1. That is seriously nasty looking Cathy... I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Oh goodness those are gross looking. :)

  3. You should add some raspberry sauce to it. Hehehe...


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