Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review: Go Dairy Free

I recently entered a giveaway contest to win a free dairy free cookbook. I was surprised to hear that I actually won a one! I never win anything!

Alisa from One Frugal Foodie contacted me with the good news. She also asked if I wanted to review her book, Go Dairy Free as well. I used her website religiously as one of my dairy free resources, so I was happy to review the book.

I started reading the book once I got my hands on it. Not only does the book include tons of recipes, but lots of facts and info on living a dairy free lifestyle. She includes other blogs, websites, and books that she has used in the past.

Go Dairy Free

I love the recipes to make dairy free alternatives from scratch. Her book is a good guide for someone who is thinking about going dairy free for health or ethical reasons. My only gripe was that the font was a bit small and condensed to read, but I think if she made the font any bigger, the book would be twice as long as the 288 pages it is already.

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