Friday, October 2, 2009

Product Review: Better Than Milk Soymilk Powder

I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but I can never finish a carton of milk. Whether it be regular cow’s milk or soymilk, or any other alternative milks. I mostly use milk for baking, so if I don’t bake for a while, the cartons of milk I buy go to waste.

Sure, I can freeze it, but I’d rather not. My freezer is full, and I’d rather not have a carton of milk in there. I work fairly close by to a Whole Foods market, but I don’t go very often. We would buy the quart tetra packs of soy, rice, or almond milks. I found that I would use maybe a cup or so for baking, then I would leave the pack in the fridge then let it go bad.

Then I found this powdered alternative to soy milk.

soymilk powder

I always thought…there’s regular nonfat and whole milk powders, why not for soy or rice? I thought it was ingenious. Not only would I only make enough for the recipe, it also means less packaging, and it was cheaper per carton. That’s a win-win for me!

So far, I have used this in various recipes that called for soy milk (or any non-dairy milk), such as avocado ice cream, Mexican chocolate snickerdoodles, blueberry buckle, healthy blueberry muffins, and much more. We don’t use much milk for drinking, but I have used it in cereal as well.

I also mainly bought this to make my own whole wheat sandwich bread. We’ve been reading labels and many store bought breads have nonfat milk powder listed in the ingredients. This is a great product to stock in a dairy free kitchen.

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