Monday, October 1, 2007


* recipe contains dairy

braised moroccan chicken 
caramelized baked chicken wings
chicken adobo (crockpot)
chicken and broccoli
chicken and butternut squash stew (crockpot)
chicken and rice stuffed bell peppers
chicken and shitake mushrooms (steamed)
chicken and spinach pizza *
chicken congee (crockpot)
chicken fried rice
chicken katsu (japanese fried chicken)
chicken marsala
chicken mushroom romaine layers
chicken pesto pasta
chicken pot pie (curry)
chicken sausage and pepper stew
chicken sausage stew
chicken teriyaki
chicken vegetable barley soup
chicken wings (chinese five spice)
chicken wings (honey molasses)
chicken wings (sesame)
chicken with mushroom in wine sauce
cornflake crusted baked chicken
curry chicken and chickpea stew (crockpot)
curry chicken and potatoes
filipino grilled chicken
garlic herb grilled chicken and pasta
grilled chicken romaine salad
hawaiian chicken with coconut rice (crockpot)
hoisin five spice chicken drumsticks
korean style fried chicken wings
mock shake n bake chicken
orange soy chicken with herb roasted veggies
roasted chicken with veggies
spinach and tofu stuffed chicken
spinach stuffed chicken *
vietnamese chicken (crockpot)
weeknight pizza with chicken and mushrooms