Monday, October 1, 2007

Main Dishes

barbeque baked bean burgers
beef and tofu stir fry
black bean veggie burgers
chicken (see chicken index)
chilean sea bass in black bean garlic sauce
crab cakes
crustless tomato basil spinach quiche
crustless spinach tofu quiche
eggplant and spinach lasagna
fish and string bean stir fry
fishcake and vegetable stir fry
ginger scallion lobster
ground turkey potato skillet
ground turkey with tomatoes
ground turkey zucchini with pasta
kielbasa and sauerkraut
lemon pepper salmon
loco moco
mac and cheese
no knead pizza dough (vegan)
panko salmon bites
potato sausage breakfast scramble
roasted sesame maple ginger tofu (vegan)
salmon patties
sausage and brats on italian bread
scallops with thai peanut noodles
sesame ginger salmon
shepherd’s pie
shrimp and steak skewers
shrimp omelet
shrimp scampi
sloppy joes with beans
spaghetti pie
spaghetti squash bolognese
stuffed shells (vegan)
sweet potato chili (crockpot, vegan/vegetarian) 
sushi rolls
tofu parmigiana 
tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce
turkey sausage wheatbery soup (crockpot)
turkey burgers
vegan cheese pizza with fresh tomato sauce
vegan mac and cheese with daiya
veggie loaded turkey meatloaf
veggie stir fry and linguine 
weeknight pizza
zucchini lasagna (vegan)

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