Monday, October 1, 2007

Quick and Easy

banana pancakes
barbeque baked bean burgers
baked turkey meatballs
beef and tofu stir fry
black bean veggie burgers
braised moroccan chicken
buttermilk pancakes (dairy free) 
chicken fried rice
chicken katsu (japanese fried chicken)
chicken mushroom romaine lettuce layers
chicken pesto pasta
chicken sausage stew
chicken teriyaki
chilean sea bass in black bean garlic sauce
crab cakes
curry chicken and potatoes
curry chicken tenders
fishcake and veggie stir fry
garlic herb grilled chicken and pasta
ginger mushrooms 
gingered kale and bok choy
green eggs and turkey
grilled chicken romaine salad
grilled sesame ginger salmon
ground turkey and zucchini pasta
ground turkey potato skillet
ground turkey with tomatoes
honey molasses chicken wings
lentil black bean stew (vegan)
macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi
mixed berry fruit smoothies 
mocha muffins (vegan) 
muesli with raisins and flaxseed
multigrain waffles (vegan)
nutella crescents
panko crusted salmon bites
peanut brittle 
pesto (kale and basil) 
potato sausage breakfast scramble 
quinoa with black beans and mixed vegetables
roasted sesame maple ginger tofu (vegan)
salmon patties
saltine toffee bark aka christmas crack
sauteed spinach and mushrooms
scallops with thai peanut noodles
shanghai bok choy and mushrooms
shrimp omelet
shrimp scampi
sloppy joes with beans
spiced cake donuts
spinach artichoke dip
spinach and tofu stuffed chicken
spinach stuffed chicken
steamed chicken and shitake mushrooms
sweet and sour chicken  
turkey burgers
vegan mac and cheese with daiya
veggie stir fry and linguine
weeknight pizza
whole wheat carrot muffins (vegan)